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Rental Types & Rates

The first half of the month is for non-exclusive reservations. Each party is limited to 4 people ($25/person/night) and there may be up to 4 parties at the cabin on any night.

In the second half of the month, you can reserve the entire cabin for an exclusive stay ($170/night). Max party size is 12 during winter and and 16 during summer.

COVID-19 Special Policy

All reservations are exclusive. Reservations previously made for non-exclusive weekends are now exclusive (you will be contacted if there are any scheduling conflicts) and the rate will still be $25/person/night.

We also require that all reservations be at least 24h apart from each other. Please avoid arriving to the cabin early and make sure leave the cabin by noon the day of your checkout to help our Club members safe.


View our shared reservations calendar in Google here.


To cancel your reservation, just send an email notifying Tory 

As long as you give a full week's notice for cancellation, you're all set. If you cancel within a week of your 1st day of your reservation, but the cabin can be re-rented, then you're also off the hook.


If you cancel at the last minute and the cabin cannot be re-rented, then we will keep your rental fee as a donation to the cabin.

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