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The DOCNC community and cabin are incredible assets for all Dartmouth alumni/ae and their friends and families. The cabin is a truly magical place, a piece of New Hampshire transplanted to California. It has served as the entry point to Dartmouth on the West Coast for countless new students and graduates, and it provides a way of reconnecting with the Dartmouth community for more "mature" alumni/ae.

Although the club has nurtured the cabin through decades of Sierra storms, but maintaining a cabin in the woods can be hard (and costly!) work. 

We have a close relationship with the College, but we do not receive any funding from them. We run the club and manage the cabin based solely on rental fees. Our budget has historically been small, as our needs have been few aside from property taxes and liability insurance. We count on your generous contributions to maintain this idyllic cabin in the Sierras.

Note: Reservation payments should be made at instead

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