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Options to Reserve the Cabin

SPECIAL COVID-19 DELTA VARIANT  POLICY - As of September 2, 2021, the cabin is available "exclusive" reservation only to reduce the risk of covid transmission. The board will revisit this policy bi-monthly and notify members when conditions change.

  1. Exclusive Reservation - The first two weeks of each month are available for exclusive reservations. This means that you get the whole cabin all to yourself.

  2. Non-Exclusive Reservation - The second two weeks are available for non-exclusive reservations, where you can claim individual beds in the cabin. Other parties may join you at the cabin on your reservation dates.



  • $170/night for exclusive reservations

  • $25/person/night for non-exclusive reservations. Children under 6 are free, but count toward your total party size.


  • Members may reserve at most 1 exclusive stay at a time

  • Exclusive reservations may be at most 7 nights

  • For exclusive reservation, at most 12 people may stay at the cabin during winter and at most 20 may stay during summer and at least one person must be a Club member.

  • For non-exclusive reservations, each party may reserve up to 4 spots and at least one person must be a Club member


  • To cancel your reservation, just send an email notifying Tory

  • Full refunds will be given for cancellations made up to 5 days before the reservation date (i.e. Sunday night for a reservation the following Friday night)

  • A refund of 50% will be given for cancellations made between five 5 days and 48 hours before the reservation date.

  • No refund will be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of the reservation date.

  • Please be aware that there are no special weather-related cancellation exceptions for big blizzards, high AQI due to summer wildfires, etc.


  • Well-behaved pets are allowed in the cabin. The owner is fully responsibly for their conduct.

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Become a member of the Club

  2. Find an opening in the reservations calendar (see below)

  3. Email Tory Griffith to request a specific set of dates. She will instruct you from there.

  4. Complete payment for your reservation here:


To view the calendar in a separate tab, click here.

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