Options to Reserve the Cabin

  1. Exclusive Reservation - The first two weeks of each month are available for exclusive reservations. This means that you get the whole cabin all to yourself.

  2. Non-Exclusive Reservation - The second two weeks are available for non-exclusive reservations, where you can claim individual beds in the cabin. Other parties may join you at the cabin on your reservation dates.

  3. NOTE: Due to the Delta variant, the board has decided to make all reservations exclusive, starting September 2, 2021 and continuing indefinitely. The board will revisit this topic at each board meeting (bi-monthly, next occurring in November, 2021).



  • $170/night for exclusive reservations

  • $25/person/night for non-exclusive reservations. Children under 6 are free, but count toward your total party size.


  • Members may reserve at most 1 exclusive stay at a time

  • Exclusive reservations may be at most 7 nights

  • For exclusive reservation, at most 12 people may stay at the cabin during winter and at most 20 may stay during summer and at least one person must be a Club member.

  • For non-exclusive reservations, each party may reserve up to 4 spots and at least one person must be a Club member


  • To cancel your reservation, just send an email notifying Tory

  • Full refunds will be given for cancellations made up to 5 days before the reservation date (i.e. Sunday night for a reservation the following Friday night)

  • A refund of 50% will be given for cancellations made between five 5 days and 48 hours before the reservation date.

  • No refund will be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of the reservation date.

  • Please be aware that there are no special weather-related cancellation exceptions for big blizzards, high AQI due to summer wildfires, etc.


  • Well-behaved pets are allowed in the cabin. The owner is fully responsibly for their conduct.

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Become a member of the Club

  2. Find an opening in the reservations calendar (see below)

  3. Email Tory Griffith to request a specific set of dates. She will instruct you from there.

  4. Complete payment for your reservation here:


To view the calendar in a separate tab, click here.

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